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Limited Offering: Become an Erotic AI Artist in 3 Days

Evan Ezquer
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🚨 Limited-Time Offer 🚨

Class 2.0 Opening Sale = $75 Off


The promo runs for a limited time only!

Only available to the next 100 members.

Like before, we won't be enrolling new members for a while once full.

💫 Unleash Your Imagination with the Power of AI 💫

Are you ready to journey into a realm where your sensual fantasies become visual realities? Where beloved characters from your favorite films and television shows come alive in provocative ways, stirring your senses?

Or... transform vivid scenes from your imagination into captivating photos to behold?

If you're seeking an opportunity to dive into or enhance your creative abilities in the NSFW art genre, this is the perfect program for you.

Zero Experience Needed
Start from scratch, and become a Master fast!

Artificial intelligence will enable you to produce any image you want despite having no art background.

What Happens Immediately After Your Purchase?

1. Generate seductively breathtaking images in the first 5 minutes.⏰

2. Become a high-level erotic artist in 3 days.

3. Join our exclusive community and get real-time advice and guidance the moment you need it!

Welcome to our NSFW AI Art Generation Course!

This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills to produce tantalizing, high-quality erotic images using AI.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or an intermediate user, you can quickly learn how to generate erotic AI art in any style you want, whether that's hyperrealistic, anime/hentai, 3D, artistic; or literally anything. Your imagination truly is the only limit here!

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Setting the Stage for Success
Module 2: Prompting Basics
Module 3: Models and Platforms
Module 4: Improving Quality
Module 5: Tofu Diffusion
Module 6: Monetization
Module 7: Intro to The NeoBlush Guild

🎁 What's Included in Your Purchase? 🎁

This isn't a mere course, but a comprehensive learning system and curated mentorship program designed to shave off months of trial and error learning erotic AI art:

  1. Step-by-step Beginner's Guide.
  2. Video Guides & Demos.
  3. Mega Prompt Template - learn faster and practice with ease (worth $20).
  4. Access to the NeoBlush Guild - interact and learn from the best NSFW artists (worth $75).
  5. Tofu Diffusion: a simplified and optimized version of Deforum Stable Diffusion to give you free unlimited AI generations (built and continuously developed by us).
  6. Anonymous Coaching - tailored for members who value privacy and excel in unhurried educational settings. We will help you when you're stuck.

After completing the guide, you'll be part of our premier NSFW AI art community, The NeoBlush Guild. This is where the best minds in the field congregate, compare, and share innovative ideas.

Introducing: The NeoBlush Guild

This is an exclusive community that brings together the crème de la crème of erotic AI artists, including Spingel, the course creator.

As part of our Season 2 opening, we're offering you a FREE access pass (worth $75).

Here, we provide weekly tips and shine a light on new innovations through:

●      A place to ask questions

●      Regular posts and updates

●      Customized learning paths

●      Interactive forums

If you're ever stuck or need personalized insights on your creations, the enthusiastic community stands ready to guide you along the optimal path!

What Do You Need for This Course? 🖥️

Just a computer, your brain, and a desire to create stimulating images!

NO🚫 need for expensive hardware or subscription fees. We've got everything you need to start your journey.

⚡ Stay Updated, Always! ⚡

Our course is never outdated. We offer FREE future versions and updates to ensure you're always at the cutting edge of NSFW AI art generation.

So, are you ready to delve into the alluring world of Erotic AI Art? Embark on this artistic journey today and let your fantasies come to life! Remember, spots are limited, so act fast and enroll now!

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Why are you only accepting 100 students only?

Beyond the PDF course, we provide further instruction within our Community. By limiting our student intake to 100, we ensure personalized guidance, promote engaging interactions, and promptly respond to your queries for an optimized learning experience.

Do I have to be an artist or creative to be good at this?

No. In fact, this course is idiot-proof based on our research. You need a bit of a twisted mind, if anything.

How long does it take to get good at NSFW AI art generation?

Our system is the fastest way to master the art of generating NSFW images. While it varies from person to person, we estimate that you'd reach professional level in 3 days if you follow our system religiously.

Is the price of this program worth it?

It's basically charity at this point. 2 months ago, this sold for $88-$120 easy. Now it's not even close to that price. And it's so much better than before. We have also partnered with art generator platforms to give you free credits and have created our own FREE open-source image generation tool. You will actually save massively on costs if you spend only on our program and nothing else.

What if I'm busy?

Spend as little as an hour per day and you're good. Although, you won't notice the time moving because it's really fun.

What if I can't keep up with the fast-changing technologies involved in AI art?

Then it's a good thing we'll update the course regularly and deliver the changelogs straight to your inbox.

Stable Diffusion/Google Colab might be too technical for me.

We offer our very own simplified Google Colab (called Tofu Diffusion) for FREE for non-techie folks who hate complex technical tools but want unlimited image generations.

Aren't AI art generators banning NSFW content?

We know the best NSFW AI art generators with no restrictions whatsoever. And constantly on the lookout for more.

What can I do if I gain this skill?

The realm of NSFW AI art opens up a myriad of opportunities, both as a passion-filled hobby and a lucrative business avenue. We shall be giving you proven and tested methods to work on, but there are many new business models that we will also be uncovering over time and sharing with you.

What if my family and friends might judge me for taking this course?

Eventually, even your friends and family who now scoff at adult AI art will be using or consuming this technology. The way things are moving, it’s pretty clear that NSFW AI art will become extremely relevant, and one day it’ll merge with the adult industry thanks to the power of latent diffusion and deepfake technologies.

And if they still judge you then, well, our Community won't. Let's be friends!

About the Creator

"Become an Erotic AI Art Master in 3 Days" is an innovative education program and community initiative, born out of a collaboration between Evan Ezquer and Spingels. This project is a response to the burgeoning NSFW AI art community and the noticeable gap in dedicated education within this space.

Evan Ezquer

Evan, the visionary founder of Metaroids, stands at the intersection of AI and web3, leading a media company that's breaking new ground in revolutionary fields. Spanning nearly a decade as a tech journalist, investor, researcher, and entrepreneur, Evan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project. Today, he harnesses his influence to rally a formidable force of AI pioneers, with his focus on the underserved NSFW AI community.

Evan holds a deep-seated belief in the power of erotica as a timeless form of human expression, persisting over millennia. He sees this as one of the most compelling use cases for AI art, and it's only the beginning. There's a palpable excitement surrounding the potential of AI today, and Evan is at the forefront, championing its exploration and development. His vision is not just to ride the wave of this technological revolution, but to shape its course and redefine the boundaries of AI art.


For inquiries, reach us at evan@neoblush.com

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Limited Offering: Become an Erotic AI Artist in 3 Days

4 ratings
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